Clay Fulton is a singer-songwriter from Rochester, Minnesota. His debut album When Trouble Comes has been a long time coming. Songs like “Walls Of St. Paul” and “When Trouble Comes” were written while studying at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota before coming home to help run the family restaurant business as a part owner. While buried in the business that is owning a restaurant, he found time to play live music and create songs like “Down On Broadway” that tell of the late nights that follow a long day of work, and the winding down that takes place afterwards. Using the peaceful vessel of a long drive, Clay gracefully takes us through his journey showcasing the importance of family and relationships in his more recent songs “Show Me State” and “Call My Bluff”. Clay has a knack for writing clever and simple lines that are both approachable and memorable. We experience that first hand in the song “28 Days”. This album takes us back to the great American folk singers of yesteryear with a modern indie-pop twist; think John Prine meets Dawes. When Trouble Comes balances smart story-telling with serious but playful musical arrangements to support them. Clay definitely wants you to feel the angst, frustration and grit of the ups and downs of love and life, all while leaving you with a sign of hope.


Upcoming Shows

Grand Rapids, MN
Grand Rapids Brewing Company
International Falls, MN
The Salty Jester
Rochester, MN
Olmsted County Graham Park


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